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T-shirt style kimono underware

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*Because of the limited quantity of this product, we cannot accept any exchanges or returns other than those due to defects.Please understand.
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Easy, beautiful, easy to move" next generation semi-underwear shirt "Fanju".

Natural material that is gentle to the skin.

We recommend this when you wear KIMONOWEAR in Kimono style!

Fanju with plain collar" by Sakusaku+.

The T-shirt type is perfect for the top and bottom separates style and is easy to move in.

The knit material fits along the body without stiffness.

Just put the collar core inside the collar and a beautiful collar is completed!

(Collar core is sold separately. 4.5cm collar core can be threaded through.)



Outer fabric
93% Polyester 7% Nylon
Material: 93% Polyester 7% Nylon

100% cotton
Material: 100% cotton


     肩幅置き寸法 M35.5cm|L:38cm|LL:40cm
     ウエスト置き寸法 M39cm|L:41.5cm|LL:43.5cm
     着丈置き寸法 M70cm|L:73cm|LL:73cm