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日本一のメリヤス県である和歌山のメリヤス × All WAKAYAMA 開発チーム

日本一のメリヤス県である和歌山地産の素材を活用し、KIMONOWEARでは日本初となる編み生地の着物が誕生しました。CARP SLEEVE SHIRTにおいては和歌山が誇る技術、吊り編みを用いた和紙100%のプロダクトが完成。

As we luckily reside in the place of Japan's biggest knit fabric industry, we have succeeded to make use of locally produced fabrics and produce Japan’s first knitted kimonos. Regarding our CARP SLEEVE SHIRT product, we have produced a shirt made of 100% Washi with using the Wakayama’s proud technique “Tsuri-ami” (hanging knitting).


Made in WAKAYAMAのアパレルブランドとして国内外に販路開拓。

All of the members relating this project are from WAKAYAMA.

We, as the apparel brand of made in Wakayama clothes, will be expanding the sales channels throughout the world.


❶ 高い、❷ 着られない、❸ 着る機会がない


The challenges (people’s impressions of kimonos) still remain as below:

1. Expensive
2. Difficult to wear
3. No opportunity
4. Difficult to maintenance

We have considered to tackle these challenges and to gain the popularity of kimonos in the world, where people usually wear western clothes.

Then the chance came when we were asked whether it would be possible to develop a self-dressing kimono, which non-Japanese people can easily wear at overseas exhibitions. Then the brand “NOI” has begun.


While attempting to make samples, we as the team realized the necessity of redefining a kimono. So we changed our perspective and decided to create a new type of kimonos, which can be dressed easily like ordinary clothes.


Also we are considering that more and more people will get interested in kimonos and the Japanese culture through the chance given by the market expansion, and hopefully that will result in preserving the Japanese tradition.

NOI. (ノイ)