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OBI Belt

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*Because of the limited quantity of this product, we cannot accept any exchanges or returns other than those due to defects. Please understand.

*There is a possibility that you will be charged for customs duty and the additional charges such taxes. If necessary, you may be contacted by customs.

NOI’s kimono style will be perfect with the OBI Belt. We developed our original product “OBI Belt”, which is very easy to put on for anyone regardless of gender or race.

・The unique fabric texture developed by weaving and knitting techniques provides remarkable ease, comfort, and lightness.

・Waste fabric from Wakayama’s Balancircular knitting machine is used. The machine creates the fabric for the world’s prestigious brands.

・The Balancircular knitted fabric is manufactured only by MARUWA KNIT CO.,LTd in Wakayama.

・OBI Belt can be used OBI sash for woman by showing the width of two pieces when putting it on. For men, the OBI Belt can be put on showing the single layer to make the width of Kaku-Obi.

・The OBI Belt will be able to be put on according to your size.



Outer fabric
93% Polyester 7% Nylon
Material: 93% Polyester 7% Nylon

100% cotton
Material: 100% cotton


Width 10cm
Length 200 cm